No More WordPress Admin Panel.
Welcome to Front End Page Creation.

Use VelocityPage's unique drag-and-drop interface to control how every page on your WordPress website will look - right on your webpage.

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VelocityPage is a WordPress Plugin that works with 94%+ of WordPress themes

VelocityPage is about simplifying the lives of everyday WordPress users.Imagine you could add new pages to your site, drag-and-drop any part to where you want it, click save and be done - All of this without ever touching your admin panel.

Add and position YouTube videos like a pro.Add sections, items, graphics, text, media, contact forms, or almost anything you could imagine - all drag-and-drop - right on your page.

Be in Full Control of Your Website With VelocityPage

(no technical skills required)

As simple and awesome as WordPress is, it’s not perfect, and making your website look exactly how you want can be a struggle.

Sure, WordPress promises to be the simplest content management system out there, and it is. But without digging into the code, it can be pretty tough to fully control how your webpages look.

With most themes out there, it’s essentially impossible to change any template or page layout without digging around in the code.

That’s pretty scary, and trying to do that without an expert often turns your entire WordPress site into a mess.

Why can’t you just go to your webpage and make it look exactly how you want it, right on the webpage? Wouldn’t that drastically simplify things and make your life a lot easier?

Now you can, with VelocityPage and your WordPress site.

Imagine having full control over your webpage designs on the front end

You will be able to rearrange and edit all of the items on your pages - right on the page. Instantly move graphic sections and contact forms to the left or right, up and down, or anywhere you want.

That’s exactly what VelocityPage will do for you. It’s the first plugin of its kind that allows you to completely control your page layout, without being an expert, and without even touching the admin panel.

Paragraphs, headlines, videos, images, contact forms and more can be flawlessly and effortlessly added, deleted, moved and edited - right on your page - while seeing how it looks the second you change it.

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VelocityPage is by far the easiest way
to control your WordPress page layouts and designs.

You don’t have to layout your page in the admin panel, click 'save', then go to 'view your page' only to realize it doesn't look right… again.

Just grab an item or section on your webpage that you want to move, drag it around, and drop it wherever you want. And presto, you’ll see exactly what it looks like in real time.

"That sounds great, but how does it work?"

It’s simple, all you have to do is add the VelocityPage plugin onto your WordPress website and activate it.

Once VelocityPage is activated, you’re ready to rock-and-roll, and you’ll finally be in full control over your website. The only frustration you’ll have is that you didn’t start using VelocityPage sooner.

VelocityPage is compatible with more than +94% of WordPress themes, including Genesis and WooThemes.
It’s also compatible with some of the most popular web application services, like Aweber and MailChimp.

VelocityPage is proudly developed and supported
by the VelocityPage team

Our guarantee
VelocityPage will make your WordPress site fun...
perhaps too fun.

(And there’s also a 30-day money back guarantee)

VelocityPage also comes with beautifully designed landing page templates that you can instantly add to your site and fully customize with VelocityPage. Here are just some of the templates you will access when you purchase the VelocityPage plugin.

  • Need a new landing page to test some traffic?
    Problem solved.
  • Want to fully customize your landing page yourself?
    Problem solved.
  • Want it to be designed by the best designers out there?
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  • Don’t want to spend 100s or 1000s of dollars to get it made?
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